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The number of dog bites involving children in this country is astounding! While working in the dog field as a Veterinary technician, professional groomer, and obedience trainer I knew the numbers were high but it wasn’t until a head-on collision left me disabled did I find out how high these numbers are. Also, most dogs relinquished to shelters are there because they have not been trained or socialized and now have issues. I knew something had to be done to educate children and their families about training and socializing.


Not just another children’s book!

I decided I could make a difference by writing a series of books about my puppy, a Bullmastiff named “Piper”. I kept a log on her and incorporated into the books the way she learned, how I trained and socialized her, her silly antics, and how every breed of dog does not fit into every family. The five book series takes you through her first year of life. “The Adventures of Piper” book series led us to doing presentations at Libraries, Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.

I have been written up in local newspapers, was the cover story of Glen Cove Life Magazine, and was interviewed by the head of the Canine Good Citizen Program from the AKC which appeared in their nationwide magazine Family Dog.

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