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About Us

Our Team

After working in the animal field all of my life a head-on collision left me disabled.  I was a vet tech, groomer, & trainer.  Now I had nothing, I was devastated. Until a bullmastiff puppy came into my life.  Enter Piper.

Our History

Piper inspired me to tell her story of the first year of her life.  I knew the # of dog bites involving children was high & we all know how full the shelters are, so "The Adventures of Piper" book series was born. Originally written for ages 7 & up in terms children can understand, I have found that it makes a great family read as teens & adults have purchased the books for themselves. Through my books & presentations children & families learn how to choose the proper dog for their lifestyle & how important socializing & training are for the dog. Piper & I received a citation from our Mayor for the work we have done. To see other awards, articles etc go to our photo gallery.


Education is the Key!

My Mission:
To educate children and their families on the importance of training and socializing puppies.

My Goal:
To cut down on the number of dog bites involving children and the number of dogs relinquished to shelters because they haven't been trained and socialized causing issues.

2017 PetAge ICon Award Winner

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